History of ICOF

HISTORY OF International Circle of Faith

Over 100 years later, the International Circle of Faith is pleased to trace our roots directly to this original group of men and women in the Apostolic Faith movement.

In the early 1900s God began to manifest his power and presence in a manner that some though only relevant in the time of the New Testament Church. Speaking in tongues or Glossolalia became widespread among adherent of a plethora of similar groups, but most notably the Apostolic Faith movement of Charles Fox Parham. Soon this movement would impact most of the major denominations of the world in what would be one of a series of ‘waves’. This first wave (as it would become known) is historically described as the Pentecostal movement.

When ministers from the various denominations began to experience their own person ‘Pentecost’ (baptism of the Holy Spirit, evidenced by speaking in other tongues). The denominations that they were from vary often turned hostile to them. These men who had found themselves persona non grata began to group together under the banner of their mutual experience. From these initial organizers came a plethora of ministerial associations. The first of these was the Apostolic Faith group organized by Charles F. Parham and championed by such men as Haywood, Rowe and many others.