Who We Are?

icof global network

” Our Vision is to see Christ formed in every man, woman and child”.

  It is our belief in the progressive move of God’s spirit that what God has done in the past was good, but what is he saying to do today, and can he do exceedingly and abundantly more tomorrow. Jesus told us, “Greater things that these you WILL do!” It is evident that we are destined to see the glory of the latter house be greater than the glory of the former house.

We are all created by God to do great things!  Like a seed, greatness is implanted in us. However, we have not been called to achieve greatness by ourselves. Think about a three-dimensional puzzle of the globe (Like the one pictured on the right). This puzzle is like the body of Christ. Each of us has one piece of the puzzle. When we put those pieces together, we get a clearer picture of what God is doing and the potential that He has placed in us to do even more.


Our mission

International Circle of Faith (ICOF) provides a way to find fellowship and relationship with those who have a common language, values, and mission. 

The International Circle of Faith Global Network provides ways of not only finding one another, but also creating purposeful relationships in which vision and resources can be shared and experienced and your ministry gifting can be implemented. Therefore, we developed the i3 approach of :

  • Identification
  • Impartation
  • Implementation

Our Core Values

We envision a Ministry Leaders that are superbly directed, highly trained, diverse, well equipped and divinely empowered to impact our world with the transforming power of Jesus Christ

  • Character with integrity
  • Leadership with compassion
  • Excellence with service
  • Genuineness with Godliness
  • Relationship with loving fellowship